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    Christmas light creations is a Christmas light installation company centered in Pearland, Texas servicing the greater Houston area. We’re a small company of only 4 full-time employees year around. We have been in business since 2011 and have grown our client base year-after-year since then. We currently service about 250 homes in the surrounding communities. Our mission from the very beginning has been safety and customer satisfaction and were happy to report that we do carry all applicable and required insurance overages as well as being a highly rated Christmas light installation company.
  • How It Works

    So typically we would want to come to your house meet you and talk about what it is your wanting and where your wanting the lights. This isn’t always the case and for people who just can’t find the time to meet with us we can generally still give a rough estimate using pictures of the house provided to us by you using a smart phone or some other means.

    We measure the ground and all straight lines extending across the roof using a measuring wheel. Gables are measured by counting the shingles going up the upper portion that comes to a triangular point at the ridge. Generally every other shingle tab will be 1 foot. We add an extra foot at the corners for all overhang. We try to be as precise as possible.

    These are the measurements that will be added together to determine a pricing estimate to install your Christmas lighting. The estimate includes all material and labor to complete the job, however, this also includes service calls and a guarantee on material. Which means any bulbs that go out we come out and change at your convenience and if anything stops working we replace at no cost to you until we take the lights down.

    After the holidays are over, past New Years, is when we begin taking the lights down. There is an additional fee to remove the lights, no more than 15% of the total installation price, that is priced into the estimate that will be due upon removal. When we come to take down the Christmas lighting we label, wrap, and place your lights into a storage bin for you to keep until the following year where we will contact you in late August or early September to schedule an installation date to reinstall your Christmas lighting. The following year and every year after that will be 50% of the original installation price to reinstall your Christmas Lighting.


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